Greentense: Make the switch to a higher bean standard!

Greentense™ is an attractive dark-green Helda bean that catches the eye in fresh produce displays. Our research has shown that Greentense raises the bar for beans in many ways and is guaranteed to add value throughout the whole chain.

Greentense offers benefits in the chain from start to finish:

For growers:

  • Very productive, with both a higher number of fruits per plant and a higher percentage of commercial fruits
  • Producible year-round and in diverse climates
  • Intermediate resistance to BCMV

For convenience companies:

  • Stringless: there is no need to peel the sides of the beans!
  • Versatile: how are you going to present them?
  • Eye-catching in a fresh-cut mix, thanks to the higher chlorophyll content!
  • Naturally sweet flavour: Greentense beans have a higher sugar content 
  • Remain firm after cooking: fresh and juicy bite guaranteed! 

For retailers:

  • Exceptional dark-green colour: Greentense is easily recognisable in fresh produce displays
  • Very reliable product with a good shelf life
  • Good consumer rating

For consumers, based on our research results:

  • Clear preference for Greentense because of its naturally sweeter flavour combined with a fresh and juicy bite
  • Stringless: Greentense is very convenient to prepare
  • The dark-green colour of Greentense suggests a more flavourful and nutritious bean
  • Nutritious: Greentense contains more provitamin A carotenoids and more vitamin K than other Helda beans

Greentense: product-support service for customers

At Rijk Zwaan we help retailers, wholesalers and the convenience sector to position and launch Greentense successfully by providing examples of promotional materials to inspire consumers. We are also happy to share our consumer research and biochemistry data with you, so that between us we have all the ingredients to ensure intense success for this distinctive product.

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