Convenience is an important trend in vegetables and also represents a way to increase vegetable consumption. One of our most recent successful convenience innovations is Knox™: a trait which reduces pinking in lettuce after cutting. As a result, Knox™ extends the shelf life of lettuce by at least two days. With this trait, Rijk Zwaan offers a solution to one of the most important issues for fresh-cut companies and retailers of bagged lettuce alike.

Numerous varieties with Knox inside

Rijk Zwaan has already introduced Knox™ into around ten lettuce types including cos, batavia, iceberg, butterhead, Salanova® Crispy and Salanova® Butter lettuce. This is the result of ten years of development work. Various laboratory tests as well as large-scale production trials have demonstrated without exception that Knox™ works.

Lettuce stays fresher for longer

Knox™ has been developed in close collaboration with fresh-cut companies and retailers, for whom discolouration of lettuce due to oxidation is one of their biggest problems. Lettuce with Knox™ inside stays fresher for longer and hence looks more appealing, but that’s not the only benefit for fresh-cut companies and retailers. Since Knox™ means that lettuce no longer always needs to be packed in low-oxygen packaging, it lowers costs and offers more options when blending. The longer shelf life also contributes to a reduction in food waste. And because the lettuce stays fresh for longer in consumers’ homes, there is a higher likelihood of repeat purchases and hence increased sales.

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