The story of Rob van de Weele

‘A good melon, even in the winter’

Rob van de Weele is Manager AGF at Detail Result. He is responsible for category management and purchasing for the Dirk and Dekamarkt supermarket chains. His aim is to offer consumers a varied product range and quality they can depend on.

Pilot project

“Consumers expect products to be available all year round with the same, consistently good taste. In the case of melons, this is a challenge in the winter. I had been struggling to find a solution for a while, but then I got talking to Rijk Zwaan. They put me in contact with a grower in Costa Rica who produced a different type of melon.”

“We started a pilot project together which indeed proved that those melons still tasted great even after being shipped for a long period. They have been a valuable addition to our assortment.”

In-store tasting sessions

“Rijk Zwaan subsequently also helped us to promote this product and organised a number of in-store tasting sessions. The advantage of working with a breeding company is that they can unite the entire chain, allowing us to focus on the consumer together.”