Sweet Palermo®

Sweet Palermo®

Consumers are looking for a pepper that tastes great, is easy to prepare in lots of different ways and has a reliable and recognisable quality. At Rijk Zwaan we have developed Sweet Palermo®, our brand for pointed peppers that stand out thanks to more flavour, versatility and convenience.

Unique characteristics

Sweet Palermo® is a sweet pointed pepper. It is easily recognisable thanks to the brand name and its striking, twisted appearance. The Sweet Palermo® pepper sets itself apart thanks to:

  • A thin skin
  • Fewer seeds inside
  • Excellent shelf life
  • A rich, sweet flavour
  • Suitability for many different uses, both warm and cold

Our offer

With Sweet Palermo®, quality and availability are guaranteed. To help you gain maximum benefit from this product, we provide various supporting services:

  • Collaboration within a Sweet Palermo® Growers Group
  • Promotional material and packaging concepts
  • Consumer website providing inspiration and tips for how to use Sweet Palermo®: www.sweetpalermo.com

Year-round assortment

Sweet Palermo® is available in ever-more countries, so it can be produced all year round. A yellow version is already available and an orange version will be launched in the near future. For all colours, the focus is on the same three aspects: flavour – versatility – convenience.